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We are excited to announce that Bay Area Non-Profit News is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! This will make it easier for us to accomplish our mission of making a difference in the community – one shout-out at a time.

While we’re waiting for the paperwork to process, we’re building our infrastructure, starting with a Board of Directors. We’re delighted to announce that Jill Gurr, the Founder and CEO of Create Now in Los Angeles, California, has accepted our invitation to join our newly-created Board of Directors as an Advisory Board Member. Jill is also the author of Mentor Youth Now – A Guidebook to Transforming Young LivesLearn more about Jill…

Our own founder and CEO, Lynda Williams, joined Create Now in 2006, first as a staff member migrating their existing database to a new one. Once that project was completed, she stayed on as a volunteer, working closely with Jill, maintaining the web site, assisting with the monthly newsletter, and without realizing it, gaining experience and knowledge in marketing and PR for non-profits. She still assists with their web site from time to time.

Throughout that time, Jill and Lynda became fast friends, and her admiration of Jill’s passion, enthusiasm, and tireless dedication to high-risk and at-risk children and youth inspired her to explore how her own passion and abilities could be used to make a difference in her own community. So when our Board Secretary and Marketing Advisor, Julie Jordan, approached Lynda with the idea of a 5-minute non-profit news report on a local radio station while they were promoting Sing For Your Life (both are members of the Gold Standard Chorus), she was completely ready for the challenge, which abandoned the idea of a $300/week radio broadcast and quickly turned into this blog. So it’s safe to say that without Jill Gurr, there would be no Bay Area Non-Profit News.

Thank you, Jill, for being here for us, and being there for Lynda, and for all 42,782 (and counting!) kids and their families in Los Angeles County that have been served by Create Now over the years.

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