Photo of Lynda Williams
Founder/CEO Lynda Williams

Bay Area Non-Profit News was founded in February 2018 to amplify the voices of existing non-profits that serve the Monterey Bay Area of California, with the goal of raising awareness of the services they provide and making a difference in the community, one shout-out at a time. We’re putting forward the idea that we are one community, not many separate sub-communities, and when we all work together as a single community to improve the outcome for one, we improve the outcome for all.

Although we’re still building our processes and infrastructure, Bay Area Non-Profit News operates in two ways:

(1) We provide information to the community about events and services offered by Bay Area non-profit organizations through blog posts in the form of news reports, interviews, event coverage, and videos. Event and service information is also provided to the public through social media via our Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram feeds.

(2) Ultimately, we will provide a central hub on our web site where locals can access information and connect with service organizations to receive assistance or to volunteer, and for local non-profits to locate and access information about support services for non-profits. In addition, we will provide newsletters both to community members who want to learn about these groups and how they impact our residents, and to the non-profits themselves with information and resources to help them grow their organizations and help more people.